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AR 15 Customization | How to Personalize Your AR

The modular design and history of the AR 15 has made it one of the most interchangeable rifles in the world. Besides 80 lowers being a way to obtain these rifles a lot easier than “conventional” methods, the customization is the reason for the AR 15’s astounding popularity. Here are some of the best AR 15 accessories to personalize and maximize effectiveness.

Pistol Grip

The Magpul MOE is highly regarded as the best in overall functionality due to its ergonomic design. These are also very affordable and the handling is very light. No one wants an accessory that adds to the weight, which can reduce accuracy.

The magpul MOE buttstock is also a great accessory that will always be able to handle the power of the rifle.

Having the proper grip is highly important for accuracy and functionality. A grip that feels good in the hand makes the difference between a normal rifle and your rifle.

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Handguards are  AR 15 accessories that are instrumental in providing the space for extra equipment, as well as grip. There are two types of handguards that AR owners lean towards.

Free Float – These handguards are usually heavy going through the length of the barrel. This is due to any attachments you might have on your rifle, as well as the fact that free float handrails only connect at the upper receiver.

Drop-In –  Drop ins are hand guards that are lighter because they are held at the end of the barrel as well as the upper receiver. However they can be harder to install then Free Float handguards.

Front Grips

Front grips improve overall accuracy and handling of the rifle. No one wants a rifle that  is heavy with attachments and no good way to handle it. This AR 15 accessory is perfect for adding extra stability when firing. Diagonal and vertical grips provide a little variety in choice, but the right feel depends on user preference.

These are just a few of the many AR 15 accessories out there. All are designed with the user in mind, looking to provide excellent handling, functionality, and accuracy. If you’re looking for the best AR 15 accessories, look no further than Ormond Arms.

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