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The History of Serial Numbers on Firearms

The 80 Lower industry has raised many eyebrows since its inception. Particularly due to the fact that serial numbers, are not legally required (except for California) to have a serial number. There are some cases where an AR 80 lower might need one, We will get into that later in the article. But for now […]

Beginner Tips on How to Build an AR 15

For Veterans of the hobby, it is easy to build an AR 15. However this may not be the case for beginners. Since there are many ways to build an AR 15, focusing on one method and planning correctly are the most important tasks to complete before the actual build process. Types of Lowers and […]

AR 15 80% Lower | How and Why to Buy in Bulk

While buying AR 15 80% Lowers may be easy now, the fact is, in the future, this may not be as easy or even possible. That being said, the reason you should continue to read this article is so that you are equipped with the knowledge to buy as many as  you can within your […]

Keeping Clean | AR Maintenance Guide

A lot of work goes into building your unique 80 lower AR 15. But the work does not stop there, especially if it is being used regularly. Knowing how to properly maintain your rifle is important in promoting its longevity and durability. Here is our AR Maintenance Guide that will help you maintain your AR […]

Serial Numbers | Do 80 Lowers Need Them?

So you have figured out that you can legally buy an AR 80% Lower and build it at your house. However there are some legal matters that should be considered when owning or exchanging your unregistered firearm. Here is all you will need to know about the legalities of AR 80 Lowers and serial numbers. […]

Before It’s Too Late | Buy an 80 Lower

The 80 lowers, which have been coming up in popularity for about a decade now are facing an uncertain future. As legislators are continuing the fight against constitutional liberty, the AR 80 lower parts may be banned. Though no legislation has been passed yet, it is only a matter of time before the whip really […]

Before You Buy | 80 Lower Guide

With the growing popularity of AR 80 lowers, many methods, types, and strategies have gone into how to build them. For beginners though, the experience of a first build can be quite daunting. Since the 80 lower world is filled with different kinds of arms, parts and tools, making more specific decisions can be difficult. […]

Make 2019 The Year You Build an AR-15: A Guide

It is 2019 and the world surrounding the AR is still growing. People everywhere are learning how to create their own perfectly legal AR15 using kits and custom parts. With the help of AR15 kits and 80% lower receiver, building one’s very own AR has become even easier. Here is some information regarding the requirements […]

5 Ways to Complete an AR R80% Lower Receiver

Of all the methods for assembling an AR 80% lower receiver, the three things they all require are time, patience, and the proper tools. With any method, you’ll need a plan of action that is organized in order to maximize your receiver’s finish. With that out the way, the following are our selection of reliable […]

What is a Free Float Handrail?

When building or customizing you AR, it is almost certain that you’ll have come across the term “free float handrail”. For newer builders and buyers, though, this term may be a little hard to understand. There are a few different types of handrails to know about, each with its own purpose. Here is everything you […]

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