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Should You Build An 80 Lower AR-15?

Here at Ormond Arms, we always want to help you be informed well. We believe that arming yourself with knowledge is just as important as arming yourself physically. And one thing you have to know is what you want and how exactly you want it to be. We are here to give you a great product for a great price, but the one reason you should build an 80 lower AR-15 is because the principle that you know what you want.

Why should you buy an 80 lower AR-15?

And that is really all it’s about. Underneath talks of patriotism and home defense all lie fundamentally in the idea that the  80 lower AR-15 is a tool that you will use for the purpose you need it. Something that can defend, something that can express, something that enables you to hit a quarter at 300 yards. 

Are 80 lowers better than pre-built?

And while it is always great to see the latest line of AR-15s coming out, you have to seriously stop and ask yourself if what you want is really worth all of that money instead of the value you gain from building one yourself. 

That in no way means that pre-built AR-15s are inferior to 80 lowers. The idea is that a pre-built lower is meant to be the perfect rifle. An 80 percent lower AR-15 is meant to be the perfect rifle for you.

What is the purpose of an AR-15?

As we have stated before: it is quicker, it is cheaper, and it enables you to do with it what you need it for. Because it is a tool first and foremost. And its purpose is personified by you, a law abiding, ever-learning, diligent, member of our great community. Ormond Arms, the choice is yours. 

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