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Why Should You Go Hunting with an AR 15?

With the AR-15’s modular design, interchangeable parts, and extreme variety in attachments and accessories, it can be suited for any situation. Take hunting for one. Now obviously you have your traditional hunting rifles, but hunting with an AR 15 Is truly an updated experience.

Here is why everyone is using the AR 15 to hunt for game!

Improved Handling

When hunting with a semi auto rifle like the AR 15, this gives hunters an advantage over those who use single shot or bolt action rifles. This comes mainly in the form of handling, where shooting with a semi auto rifle will allow the hunter to remain in a shooting position. The transition between shots can then be more accurate, and the chance the hunter will lose sight of the shot will be significantly diminished. Multiple shots can be fired in succession meaning, hunting groups of animals, like coyotes and boars are much easier and more fruitful. Going hunting with an AR 15 is a much more optimal choice for catching more game quickly.

Ammo Variety

With the increased popularity of AR 15s in the recent decades, many people have experimented with different cartridges that were different than the standard 5.56 and .223. Rounds like 5.6 Grendel and .203 Ruger have been chambered in the AR 15, which makes hunting any kind of game in the United States possible. This is especially true with all varmints as well.

Compact and Lightweight

The AR 15 is not a heavy rifle. And it is also not the longest rifle around either. This makes finding the correct positioning much easier and safer. This actually makes it an accessible rifle for most ages, including younger hunters. And for older hunters, this lightweight and compact rifle will allow greater maneuverability upon sight of targets.

With improved handling, ammo variety, and a lightweight build, it’s hard to choose anything but the AR 15. Going hunting with an AR 15 is especially better when it’s one that you have built. Visit Ormond arms for 80 lowers galore, with a store filled the best parts kits and accessories!

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