AR-15 80% Lower Receiver - Silver Vein

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Silver Vein

All our AR-15 80% lower receivers meet the top industry quality standards. If you are planning a building a dream build or just putting some lowers away for a rainy day you can’t go wrong with AR15 Site’s lowers. The AR15 Site 80% lower receiver is one of the most popular and trusted receivers of any type on the market today! Machined from 7075 T-6 aluminum forgings, the AR-15 Site 80% lower receiver is the perfect foundation for your next DIY AR-15 rifle build. NO FFL needed for shipping 80% lowers

Features include:

  • Utilizes standard .250 takedown holes and .156 fire control pins.

  • FIRE/SAFE engraved 

  • Takedown-lug pocket to check upper compatibility 

  • Silver Vein Powder Coat

  • Made in the USA

What is an 80% lower receiver?

An 80% lower receiver blank or frame is an incomplete firearm that needs to be milled out Because of this the ATF does not recognize any 80% lower as a legal firearm Meaning that you can have it shipped directly to your house without a background check If a percent lowers are great for people who want to make their own builds uniquely and fully customizable.

The AR-15 is one of the most popular 80% lowers out there being machined and produced by many companies around the US. According to the ATF the only part of the AR-15 lower receiver that is considered a firearm is his arm is the port for the trigger. This is what you will need to mill out properly in order to create a fully functioning firearm

The AR-15 platform is highly modular and diverseThere are a few modifications to the platform which make it able to take either rifle cartridges or pistol cartridges. These are the .308 DPMS lower and the AR-9 lower respectively. 

All 80% lowers may be shipped right to your address. Make your 80% lower AR-15 purchase today!