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What is an AR-15

What is an AR-15?

For most on both sides of the 2nd amendment coin, the AR-15 is probably one of the most commonly used terms apart from “assault weapon.” It has been the topic of a lot of discussion involving the 2nd amendment, but still there seem to be a few of you who really don’t know what the […]

Hunting with AR-15

Can I Hunt With an AR-15?

The AR-15. America’s most controversial, modular and best platform capable of excelling in many different situations. But can it hunt? Does it really make other more common, conventional, hunting rifles obsolete. Well, that’s a good question. See, in order to break down whether the AR-15 is actually a capable hunting firearm, we need to go […]

What caliber is an AR-15

What caliber is an AR-15?

When it comes to the AR-15, not much can rival it in its ability to be modified. The addition of a picatinny rail made it able to take virtually any attachment without problems. The same can be said for the addition of the Keymod and Mlok mounting systems, which gave rise to whole new classes […]

AR15 Parts

Top 10 Best AR15 Site Products

These are the top selling products on AR15 Site. 1. 80% Lower 5 Pack This AR-15 80% Lower Bulk receivers is a great choice to start your DIY AR-15 build. Bead blasted and finished with a tough Cerakote coating. This finish will provide your receivers with optimal protection against abrasion, corrosion, etc. Machined to mil-spec […]

best gun oils

Top 10 Best Gun Oils on the Market

If you are a gun owner, then I do not have to tell you about the overwhelming impact a gun oil can have on the performance and reliability of your firearms. In fact, many gun owners will stick with one oil for long periods of time because it’s the best for them. Well for new […]

Good Gun Oil

What Makes a Good Gun Oil?

Buying cheap isn’t always the best course of action, especially when you consider how improper gun maintenance can affect the performance, and even the safety of those firing. That being said, finding a maintenance routine with items that adequately clean your gun, without breaking the bank is also important too. From finding the best brushes, […]

Polymer 80

Should You Buy a Polymer 80?

Polymer 80 is the next hot thing in the 80% lower community today. That is because they are not simply 80% AR-15 kits, but 80% handguns designed to give builders a chance to make something unique without government interference. What makes P80s so special though? Are they worth the buy? What is a Polymer 80?  […]

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