Glock 17 gen 5 review

Glock 17 gen 5 review

Posted by AR15 Site on 03-23-22

Glock is known for manufacturing some of the most popular pistols on the civilian market. handguns that are simple, reliable and rustic. Glock is great for concealed carry and on duty situations. The same can be said for Glock's latest installment Glock 17 gen 5, which has garnered the trust of many law enforcement and military personnel. Here is everything you need to know about the Glock 17 gen 5. The Glock 17 has held a respected position in the gun community with extensive operational use by the government and the citizenry. Introduced in the early 1980s, the Glock 17 is Glock's oldest official model. The Gen. 5 attributes bring a refreshing feeling to a well revered gun. Let's dive into the Gen 5 G17

The different generations of the Glock 17

The original Glock 17 began the generation series of the Glock pistols. The true 1st model of Glock was actually called the Polymer 80, but after having gone into the Gen series of Glock, it was all downhill from there. The generation 2 of the Glock 17 sought to make improvements on the original platform that had improved magazine design with a steel plate for resistance and an insert at the bottom of the follower Spring Which made it stronger. Checkering was added to the frame in order to make a comfortable and controlled grip easier to maintain.

The generation 2 also added the steel plate serial number. There was an upgrade to the upper and lower parts kits to address some of the safety issues , namely with the extractor spring loaded bearing firing pin safety and firing pin striker. The 2nd generation also saw the introduction of 40 SW, .380, 10 mm and 45 ACP As official Glock calibers.

While the Gen. 2 was a clear improvement on the Gen. One. It still left much room for improvement. The Glock 17 gen 3 had the 1st finger grooves on the grip that had ever been on a Glock model. Some roofs were also placed on either side of the frame making it somewhat ambidextrous. Generation 3 is known as the 1st modern Glock generation beginning in 1998 and lasting until 2008. It was the first generation to incorporate and incorporate an accessory rail for attachments under the barrel. The stippling on the grip was also revised.

The block 17 Gen. 4 had a smaller base plate grip with a modular backstrap for rear grip plates. Two magazine springs were added which were new to the Gen. 4 Glock pistols. This is also the generation in which the Glock 17M which was made for the FBI was introduced. The G17 Gen 4 addressed the few issues the Glock gen 3 platform had. There was no real improvement on the gen 3 to the gen 4 Glock models.

Now we come to the Gen. 5 G17 with ambidextrous magazine catches, revised magazine breastplate, and a flared magazine well for faster reloads. The Gen. 5 also has a slightly wider frame and a relief cut made under the trigger guard for a higher grip. The cross pin above the trigger guard was also removed and the Gen. 5 is the 1st generation to come standard with the Glock Marchman barrel.

G17 Features

To many people's approval, the Glock 17 got rid of the finger grooves that had made the Gen. 3 and Gen. 4 exclusive to only the hands that could fit in them. Backstraps were also a welcome addition to the G17. The coating uses a new nDLC method that more closely resembles the color of the frame. Compliments the overall aesthetic of the G17. The Gen. 5 G17 is completely ambidextrous with all of its functions being accessible for me to the right or the left of the frame. It has an upgraded lower parts kit making it much better than any of the previous generations. The G17 Gen. 5 makes clear improvements throughout the platform and creates a new standard for or Glock pistols.

The marksman barrel is quite literally the G17s most anticipated feature. This barrel has a sharper twist and more aggressive rifling than ever before on a factory Glock barrel. It makes the gun much more accurate, and is able to maintain its rifling for much longer.

Ranking the Glock 17 gen 5


The Accuracy rating for the G17 Gen 5 is a 5 out of 5. The G17, compared to previous models and even competing models displays aIs an exceptional amount of accuracy. It is compatible with many different kinds of 9mm ammunition. The upgrade to the lower parts kit makes the trigger pull feel firm and consistent. And the new Glock marksman barrel really pushes the limits of the system. The higher handling caused by the revisions to the grip provide a nice and stable grip while maintaining the shortest and safest fist distance from the slide.


The Glock 17 gen 5 has an outstanding improvement on the ergonomics of the gun. The gen 5 attributes nicely tie up and toss out the old gen 4 and gen 3 finger grooves.There are also improvements to the stippling on the grip, making sure that no sweatier hand can cause it to slip. A fir grip is easy and comfortable to maintain even through the most rigorous of shooting. The Glock 17 shares similarities in feeling as the other Glock models so if you are used to the feeling of a Glock that is slightly wider, you already know what to expect.


With a $500 MSRP, it is hard to stay away from this Glock. It is the perfect price for a very distinct upgrade from the previous generation. The Glock 17M was released before this to the delight of all the LE who could get ahold of them, and now the Gen 5 G17 comes to make its name known for such a reasonable price. The Glock 17 comes with everything you might expect from a glock.


The Glock 17 gen 5 is a great pistol for self defense. It is a little bulky for Concealed carry as it is a true full sized handgun, it is a great gun for self defense in general, whether in the home or elsewhere. The Gen. 5 attributes lend themselves well to the Glock 17 and Glock has made a much more refreshing upgrade to the Glock 17 because of it. The marksman barrel provides an even higher level of accuracy than previous models and even contends with other Pistols with generally better accuracy as well. This seems like the next step into the creation of a higher standard for the Glock factory models.