Glock 19x Review

Glock 19x Review

Posted by AR15 Site on 04-19-22

Since it was introduced the Glock 19X has garnered it's fair share of controversy and there are a few different reasons why. While it is arguable whether the claims by the community are reasonable or not the Glock 19X still has many of the good features of the generation 5 clocks and is a reliable shooter. There's everything you need to know about the group 19X.

What is a Glock 19x?

A 9 mm self loading pistol is possibly America's favorite choice for concealed carry and home defense. With the amount of variation, from service size pistols to compact and subcompact options available this subset of concealed carry choices has gained a lot of popularity The Glock 19X is no exception to this rule and when people found out that the Glock 17 grip would be would be mixed with the Glock 19 slide, the community couldn't wait to get their hands on it to try. The Glock 19X was made in competition with the SR 1911 commander: a full size frame 1911 with 3/4 of an inch taken from the slide and barrel. 

Carrying its announcement and release the Glock 19X was set to compete against 6 hours P320XM17/18 variant and lost Shortly after. Hitting the civilian market proved not proved not to be all that welcoming as the Glock 19X did not see much movement early on. What is the community right for sleeping on the clock 19x or is the 19X truly a good service grade compact option for concealed carry?

Features of the Glock 19x

The Glock 19X is a very solid, reliable and accurate gun that is somewhat unique. Here are some of the key features of the Is Glock 19X.

The 19x, like a few of the other Gen 5 Glocks, comes standard with the Glock marksman barrel. This barrel has much more aggressive rifling for a more accurate shot. The frame has the Gen 5 features with no finger grooves and a little lip and a magwell well making it unsuitable for after market magazines. The Glock 19X is a true Gen 5 installment. The trigger is also updated as it was meant for military service originally. Glock 19X definitely has a better factory trigger than the Glock 19 Gen 5. Unfortunately, the sights are less than up to par because they are still the factory polymer front and rear sights. Most people still prefer metal sights and it is usually the 1st thing to go on anyone's new Glock.

The lack of finger grooves makes it easier for people to grip because of it. It is suitable for different hand sizes and shapes. Gen 5 attributes, which include a better feeling trigger, better feeling frame, both come together in the Glock 19X to make it a reliable feeling gun. Opting for the 19X with Clark K night sights is your best bet for self defense situations. The Glock 19X has an ambidextrous design making it suitable for left handed shooters as well.

The Glock 19X fortunately comes standard with a rail mount, enabling The use of flashlights and lasers for night time altercations. The Glock 19X is also compatible with the gen 5 trigger systems so as long as the parts you have in your other Glocks are Gen 5 then you should not have a problem installing them into your Glock 19X.

Glock 19x is a Striker Fired pistol.

In a Striker fired pistol, sliding the action back will arm the internal spring that is located in the slide. After the trigger is pulled the Spring slams back against the primer and ignites the powder in the cartridge sending the projectile at whatever is being aimed at. Because of technological advancements, the striker fire system has been able to evolve into a truly better system than the hammer fire system and is often looked for by military personnel for service use instead.

For concealed carry the striker fire system is also more soothe missile so more sought after because the last moving parts outside of the gun that can be manipulated means a safer carry experience both both for the owner and others.

Specifications of the Glock 19x

System:Safe Action
Magazine:Standard 17 Optional 19, 24, 31, 33
Barrel Length102 mm | 4.02 inch
Weight (without magazine):625 g | 22.05 oz
Weight (with empty magazine):704 g | 24.83 oz
Weight (with loaded magazine):890 g | 31.39 oz
Trigger Pull:5.5lbs
Length (Overall):189 mm | 7.44 inch
Slide Length:174 mm | 6.85 inch
Height (incl magazine):139 mm | 5.47 inch

Rating the Glock 19x:


For accuracy, the Glock 19x gets a 4 out of 5. The Glock 19x is a decently accurate handgun. That is because with its wide Glock 17 frame it is a lot easier to have a controlled grip and maintain it through constant fire. Gen 5 trigger feels amazing and it is a Testament to the Gen 5 series as a whole. It is compatible with many different types of ammunition so there is a lot of diversity for people to choose from when looking for a viable self defense round for concealed carry. Accuracy only suffers if you stay with the factory sights. They are polymer and therefore prone to drift with prolonged use. Opting for metal Glock sites on the Glock 19X easily puts the accuracy at a 5 out of 5.


The ergonomics of the Glock 19x is a 5 out of 5. The handling of the Glock 19Xis pretty much unparalleled. The Glock 19X grip is a full grip, modeled after the Glock 17 and has a great magazine capacity. It's full grip makes it great for the range as well. It is very easy to maintain a control grip with the feel of the Gen 5 frame. It's weight is balanced and late with and without I'm interested in the magazines.


The value rating for the Glock 19x is a 3 out of 5. The Glock 19X comes with one standard 15 round magazine. There are two other extended 19 round magazines with pinky extensions on the end. There are two front and rear grip plates that customers can make use of. Other than those exclusive features, the contents of the Glock lunch box are the same. Cleaning tool wire brush and safety in the warranty information. 

With a $750 MSRP, the Glock 19X is not cheap for a Glock Which averagely has around $600 MSRP. While it is a tad more expensive, customers can make use of two additional magazines not commonly found in other Glock models. There are clear improvements in the Glock 19x however, it is up in the air how worth it the gun actually is because of its price.


The Glock 19x is a decent handgun for concealed carry. It got the short end of the stick having lost to the Sig 320, however, did make somewhat of a comeback in the civilian market. People have awaited the service grade variant, but the civilian variant issued now is still a great option for people who want a full grip on their concealed carry weapon. While it is a bit more expensive than most Glocks, it brings a good balance to the mixture of both the Glock 19 and the Glock 17 models.