Should you buy a Polymer 80?

Should you buy a Polymer 80?

Posted by AR15 Site on 02-15-14

Polymer 80 is the next hot thing in the 80% lower community today. That is because they are not simply 80% AR-15 kits, but 80% handguns designed to give builders a chance to make something unique without government interference. What makes P80s so special though? Are they worth the buy?

What is a Polymer 80?

Polymer 80 refers to the polymer frames of these kits, in which the company itself uses for pretty much all of its different platforms. Its most well known kits are the Glock 19 Gen 3 frame and jig kit, which has a lot of aftermarket parts that anyone can use to outfit their own firearm with.

Polymer 80s are series 80% lower frames made from polymer by the company Polymer 80 which manufactures them for sale online in the United States. Since they are 80% lowers they can be bought and shipped anywhere in the United States without a background check, and since the polymer is such an easy material to work with, it is easier to get into than the AR-15 platform which requires much more expensive tooling in order to mill out completely.

What's the benefit of a Polymer 80?

Polymer 80s are essentially replicas of whatever platform you get. So if you get the model compatible with the Glock 19 gen 3, you will be able to use Glock OEM parts in order to complete it. However you will also be able to tap more into the aftermarket which features many kinds of slides, triggers, and barrel types that will improve functionality and/or cosmetic value.

Should You Buy a Polymer 80?

Polymer 80s are not necessarily cheaper than standard glocks, but they do offer more reliability as the parts are not only interchangeable, but can be improved over time. P80s offer leagues more customization options and are more appealing for aftermarket builds. They do not require any FFL transfer addresses or fees in order to buy unlike their 100% counterparts. Polymer 80s Genuinely offer a lot more parts compatibility and customization options than standard frames.

Polymer 80 kits are for sale online on ecommerce stores of every kind. However, you are always bound to find products that are not standard. All you need to do is keep a good eye out for good products so you can know when you have come across a bad one. Here at, we strive to give our customers the best products for the best prices anywhere online. Shop here for amazing P80 Kits!