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Get The Best Quality Polymer 80 Kits from AR15.site

If you are looking to build an 80% Glock platform handgun for recreational use or defensive purposes, AR15.site’s complete Polymer 80 kits are the best choice hands down. We have tested several lower parts kits gone through multiple slide designs and finishes, and are proud to present these amazing kits to our customers. 

What is a Polymer 80?

A Polymer 80 is pretty self-explanatory, however the definition comes mostly from the 80. This number refers to exactly what a polymer 80 is: A polymer 80% lower, or the name of the Nevada based company that mass produces these plastic lower receiver blanks. Polymer 80s are polymer 80% lower receivers in many of the Glock platform handguns found on the market. 

The Polymer 80 PF940C is based on the Glock 19 Gen 3 platform and is completely compatible with Glock OEM parts. That means that you can switch out any piece of Glock parts and interchange them with parts made on the aftermarket for the same model and generation. Polymer 80 kits are prized for this fact alone, so much so that the aftermarket for these parts has skyrocketed as new developments to the polymer frames make it more efficient and cost effective. 

Is the Polymer 80 Build Kit Easy To Build?

The Polymer 80 is made from one main material. Polymer. That is a hard plastic essentially, with high durability and damage threshold, making it a choice material in many of today’s modern firearms. The material has become even more advanced since it was first used, and has since become more heat resistant, durable, and lightweight. 

However the material is much lighter and less dense than aluminum or steel, making it very easy to machine these with tools that are more common for the average DIY builder. This makes building these Polymer 80 Kits even easier than, requiring only a Dremel and a hot knife to complete. 

What comes in Our Polymer 80 Build Kits?



Are Polymer 80s Legal?

Polymer 80’s are legal in most states. And the states where they are not, use a principle, that the platform does not contain enough metal, that if it were completely destroyed, would be able to render it useless in making it again. However, it is not a federal crime, as no law is installed that says milling these Polymer 80 frames are illegal. We advise all of our customers to buy responsibility and in accordance with the laws of their state. We do not claim to be experts on the law. 

Because the Polymer 80 is 80 lower, they are not legally defined as firearms. This means that they can be bought like any other item you might find on the internet, and shipped directly to your house. No background checks are required because they are not firearms. 

Benefits of Buying  A P80

Polymer 80s are easy to build. They are made with quality materials making them durable and lightweight. They fit with most furniture that is found on the aftermarket, and the aftermarket itself is rife with plenty of gadgets to personalize your build. There is arguably more that you can do with a Polymer 80 build kit than with the AR-15, because of how extensive the aftermarket truly is. These kits come with their own jigs, so there is no need to do any extra buying, as the jigs are quality made from Polymer 80 itself. 

Polymer 80’s can be built off of and improved upon. As some of the cheaper handguns out there, the polymer 80 built handgun can be improved upon without having to break the wallet to do so. Frames, Magwell attachments, slides, upper and lower parts kits, as well as optics can all be changed with the parts that are in the market. 

What’s more is that the performance of the polymer 80 can be upgraded too. The polymer 80 build is a very accurate build anyway, yet offers room to be improved upon with certain upgrades and attachments. 

How to Complete a Polymer 80

The steps required to complete a Polymer 80 build kit are very easy, as each kit comes with its own set of instructions. There are also tons of videos online that can help, from p80 and other community members with a passion for building these. It is important to learn as much as you can about these through forums like ar15.com, AR15-forum, and more as information on this topic is constantly being shared and improved upon. 

In an Optimal situation these tools form the best set up for polymer 80 handgun building. 

  • Polymer 80 
  • Drill Press
  • Cross Vise
  • Power Drill
  • Bar Clamp (Quick Grip)
  • File
  • Torpedo Level
  • Nylon Mallet
  • Pin Punches
  • Glock compatible frame parts kit

Why Build a Polymer 80 handgun?

There are many reasons to build one. Firstly, you can build and own your own firearm without having to go through the background check process. It does not need to be shipped to an FFL, so getting them is much cheaper than buying a 100% complete handgun. It also cannot be put on any registry as it is not a serialized firearm. 

Where to Buy Polymer 80 Build Kits?

Polymer 80s are easily accessible on the internet. However, if you are looking for the highest quality Polymer 80 kits and parts, Look no further than -. Here at – We pride ourselves on fast shipping, and competitive pricing to make sure that customers are not only getting good quality, they are getting a good deal. Shop Polymer 80 kits from – today